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A man can do all things if he will. - Leon Battista Alberti (140472)

Are you fascinated by people who can seemingly do everything?  Do you want to be one?

The concept of the Renaissance Myn is inspiring.  The idea that the knowledge and skills of many can be found in one is the stuff of fables and imagination, and there seems to be a direct correlation between life experience and wisdom. If life is the accumulation of all the things you have done and know then it seems reasonable to measure where you are going, not as a competition with others, but as an inspiration to yourself. 

Quantifying wisdom is fraught with hubris but it provides a certain satisfaction for goal-focused personalities which, frankly, it would seem most Renaissance Myn are.  Drawing from historical definitions, below is a list of designations and attributes that can lead you the way to becoming a Renaissance Myn: