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My own path to here…

Even in my first memories, knowledge for its own sake was exciting. I exhibiting a kind of compulsive behavior; collecting insects, coins, and anything else that could be categorized was thrilling. An intellectual kid, adults considered me a curiosity, appearing on Art Linkletter's "Kids Say the Darnest Things." I can’t remember the day I learned what a Renaissance Man was but I know that’s what I wanted to be when I grew up. Well, I’m grown up now and I still want to be a Renaissance Myn.

The one and only time I interviewed for a promotion (in my early 20s) in the mundane workforce, I was asked to describe myself.  I said I wanted to be a “Renaissance Man.”  I quickly learned that kind of candor is not well received by the majority of the population, especially in a male-dominated competitive business environment, so from then on I kept such intentions to myself, even from my wife. In fact, a couple years after my erstwhile retirement, my wife encouraged me to seek new goals because I was becoming a nuisance around the house, (after building a maze, a zoo of bronze animals, a riding steam train with scale constructions of local historical buildings, redecorating the house in 1950s Modern chic, covering the walls with the complete Silver Age run of “Action” comic books, etc.) One suggestion among a wide range of possibilities was Medical School which my wife felt, as a nurse, was an appropriate goal, unsuspecting that my true intention of obtaining an MD was to achieve the last leg of Polymathhood.

ASPECT       POINTS           DEGREES       LICENSING             

Science           4                        PhD            Professional Engineer

Law                 4                        JD               Attorney, U.S. Patent Agent

Medicine         4                        MD              Assistant Physician                   

Business         4                        MBA            CPA

Philosophy      2                       "PRay TeLL, Dr. Hash" podcast             

Art                   2                     Writer/Producer 3 movies (see IMdB), 24 books

Travel              2                       Century Club (100+ Countries), 7 Continents,                                                  Spanish, lived 4 years outside the U.S.

Sports             2                        Hiking, 100 collections, riding steam                                                               train, scuba, student pilot

Beauty            1                        Big personality, unconventional dress

Family             1                        Married 41 years, 3 children

Fame              1                        Profiled in "Wired" magazine, selected                                                              "Top 10 innovative" twice in Animation                                                              Magazine, eponymous company

Civic               1                        4X political candidate.        

Career            1                        Engineer at HP, entrepreneur

Wealth            1                        Multi-millionaire, mansion, Ferraris

Leader            1                        20 years CEO

Humanity        1                        10 years Owner/operator of Arts Center

TOTAL          32                        Complete Universalis

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