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The four aspects of a Polymath are: Law, Medicine, Science, and Business.  The very best in our society have at least one of  aspects, sometimes two, but the ultimate Renaissance Myn encompasses all four within their purview.  Only highly evidenced achievement can qualify a person in these aspects.


The definition of Polymath from Oxford dictionary is, “a person of wide-ranging knowledge or learning.”  Its origin is from the Greek polymathes which means “very learned.”  The first known use was in 1621.


The letter of the law may change but its practitioners stay the same.  A Renaissance Myn who can debate is one that can defend themselves and their positions.  Plus, an understanding of the law brings with it an understanding of the society that abides by it.  The full measure of the aspect of Law requires a JD and the State granting authority for an attorney to stand behind the Bar.  Politicians who create The Law can also qualify, depending on the quality and quantity of their legislation.  Lesser recognition is given to paralegals and those who have educational breadth but not practitioner’s depth.

The role of physician has always inspired feelings of superior mental and dexterous abilities.  Doctors stand highly in the pantheon of professions, and medicine is a field like no other.  Complete fulfillment requires an MD, and to become State licensed. Nursing and other practitioners qualify to a somewhat lesser degree.





Science is the most important of the Renaissance Myn’s qualifications.  To be a scientist is to quest for provable answers, and answers bring wisdom.  Science is arguably the most difficult aspect to achieve because it requires great intellect, dedication, and creativity to achieve.  By design, a PhD in a scientific field means one has proposed, investigated, and defended new human knowledge.  State licensing as an engineer is recognition that others can depend on that knowledge with their lives.  Of course, to achieve a Nobel Prize or some other peer-honored achievement qualified fully.  Those who are not licensed, or have made exceptional scientific discoveries without the breath of knowledge that a university degree implies can claim only part of the Science aspect.

Experience in commerce is possibly the most robust utility a person will ever have because nations are built on business.  The titans of industry tend to control the cultural dialog, and fundamental security and even happiness are at the mercy of financial success, while to be successful in business is often taken as the largest measure of a person.  A Renaissance Myn must embrace business, conquer it, and certainly understand the reasons business dominates and steers society.  The recognized educational acknowledgement of a business professional is an MBA, and State recognition of qualification is proffered as a CPA, while depth of knowledge is proved by being a CEO.