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Homo Universalis” translates from Latin to "universal person,” and is derived from the ideal in Renaissance Humanism that it is possible for a person to acquire universal learning in both the arts and the sciences, that their knowledge is profound with proficiency or accomplishments in at least some areas that are expert.

At the most basic level, the desire to be well-rounded is the quest for wisdom and perhaps the meaning of life.   It seems likely that one is not born wise, but that wisdom comes from experience, specifically breadth of experience, so that we look at issues from many sophisticated points of view.  The image of a circle comes to mind, with eight slices representing the aspects that define a complete person.

The ultimate achievement of Renaissance Mynhood is to be good at everything; to be both a Humanist & a Polymath, having accomplishments in all 8 aspects of the two: Medicine, Law, Science, Business, Art, Travel, Sports & Philosophy, probably the result of a lifetime of endeavor.