Renaissance M    N











Each of the Life aspects counts as 1 for a total of 8: Beauty, Fame, Civic, Wealth, Career, Family, Humanity & Leader.


Each of the Value aspects counts as 2 for a total of 8: Art, Sports, Travel & Philosophy


The Math aspects (Science, Medicine, Law & Business) are composed of two parts: Breadth of achievement, worth 2, as exemplified by an advanced academic degree in the field, and depth of achievement, also worth 2, for a total of 16.  A professional license in a discipline is res ipsa loquitur proof of achievement. For example, Professional Engineer registration (PhD), Certified Public Accounting certificate (MBA), licensed Physician (MD), and a Membership in the State Bar (JD).

 The points are cumulative so the maximum total would be 32

 Complete Universalis

You assume the designation of the area where you have two achievements.  For example, if you are a physician and a lawyer, you would be a Polymath; and if you were a sculptor and a triathlete, you would be a Humanist.  However, if you qualify as both a Polymath and a Humanist, that is called a Universalis.  Additionally, if you have all four of the aspects of a Humanist then you would be a Complete Humanist.  This concept extends to Complete Polymath, and ultimately, Complete Universalis.

Are you a Renaissance Myn?

Measuring wisdom is a fool’s errand but if you do not take yourself too seriously, the entertainment value is worth it.