My Love, Your Love (from Tin Woodman of Oz movie)

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My Love, Your Love (from Tin Woodman of Oz movie)

Post by Martin Hash » Sun Jan 10, 2016 3:12 pm

Music & vocals by Niels Krook

(Tin Woodman) Finally... It's true,
Nimmie Amee, it's for you,
To share my love...
With your love...

(Tin Girl) My heart doesn't ache,
There is no mistake,
About my love...
And your love,

(Tin Woodman) Your eyes gleam so bright,
Reflecting the light,
Of my love...
For your love,

(Tin Girl) Our tin shines together,
There's no question whether,
My Love...
And your love...
Will last forever.

(Tin Woodman/Tin Girl) No keeping us apart,
When you and I share a heart,
Half is my love...
Half is your love...
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