Aunt Net Eulogy

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Aunt Net Eulogy

Post by Martin Hash » Thu Feb 18, 2021 1:20 pm

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When I was a kid, I didn’t know Aunt Net = Annette. I just thought it was a fast way for adults to say Aunt Net.

Aunt Net was always very supportive of me. I liked telling the other kids that I had a favorite aunt. I didn’t tell them she was my only aunt, but I’m sure she still would have been my favorite even if there were more.

I was also proud she was a school teacher. I’d tell kids, “My Aunt Net is a schoolteacher.” She would send me books as presents, all of which I still have. “Key to the Treasure” was my favorite. It’s on my bookshelf at home right now wrapped in a book cover I made out of a paper bag. I wrote “Marty” on it.

Key To The Treasure.jpg

To this day, Charlie Brown is my favorite comic. I started reading them in the 60s and I reread them in my 60s. Aunt Net would make construction paper Charlie Brown characters to decorate my presents. I still have the characters in my office; part of my Charlie Brown collection.


Even recently, Aunt Net was the only one who would dependably Like my daily quotes on Facebook. I knew she wasn’t feeling well if a few days would go by without any Likes, but then, pop-pop-pop, the Likes would show up, and I knew Aunt Net was feeling better.

Thank you lord that at the end Aunt Net had her remarkable family around her. I’m telling her in heaven right now that I anxiously await the moment I can give my favorite book from my favorite aunt to my favorite grandchildren so that they too can find the key to the treasure like my Aunt Net did.
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