Universal Studios, FL

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Universal Studios, FL

Post by Martin Hash » Wed Feb 12, 2020 1:20 pm

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If you're already there, and you've already laid out the big bucks to go to Disney World, most people take the opportunity to go to Universal Studios too. My wife, Gwynne, and I hadn't been to the one in Orlando, Florida in three decades, nor had we been to the one in California for two, so we wanted to go; and my new daughter-in-laws had never been, plus there was my grandson: all-in-all, there were 7 of us. Little did I know it would cost over a thousand dollars just to enter! But, like I said; we'd already shelled out the mulla; just add another grand.

Turns out, the park has changed a lot since we'd been there: Harry Potter, The Simpsons; virtually nothing was the same as the first time we'd been there. Unfortunately, the only ride Felix was supposedly allowed on, “ET,” he got kicked off of because he wouldn't wake up to sit on the bicycle seat. Only a couple of us adults ended up going on the thing; that was my first and last thrillride there. There was a great play area for Felix though, in Curious George Land. I sure would have loved it as a kid; lots of plastic balls that you could shoot from cannons at each other or suck up with giant vacuums.

For adults though, no doubt Moe's Bar, and Fat Boy Burgers, plus all the other enjoyments of Springfield, were the hit. The fact that they served beer and hard alcohol that you could carry around the park was astounding, and we took advantage of it; at least I did. I'm not much of a Hogwarts fan, but get a little soused and everything seems great. Plus, the CityWalk, which is also for adults, doesn't even require you buy tickets for the park to get in. I'm not sure I'd go to Universal Studios if I wasn't already going to Disney World, but it sure is a good companion trip for the family while you're there.

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