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Shen Kuo

Shen Kuo, also Mengxi Weng (10311095) was a Han Chinese scientist and statesman of the Song dynasty. He was a mathematician, astronomer, meteorologist, geologist, zoologist, botanist, pharmacologist, agronomist, archaeologist, ethnographer, cartographer, encyclopedist, general, diplomat, hydraulic engineer, inventor, academy chancellor, finance minister, governmental state inspector, poet, and musician. He was the head official for the Bureau of Astronomy in the Song court, as well as an Assistant Minister of Imperial Hospitality.

ASPECT       POINTS                      

Science           4             Mathematician, scientist     

Law                 2             Statesman         

Medicine         2             Pharmacologist                                      

Business         4             Hydraulic engineer, inventor, finance minister         

Philosophy      0                                     

Art                   1             Musician

Travel              0                 

Sports             *                

Beauty            *             

Family             1          Multiple wives

Fame              1                        

Civic               1            

Career            1                        

Wealth            1                    

Leader            1                     

Humanity        1         General   

 TOTAL        20          Polymath