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Maria Gaetana Agnesi

Maria Gaetana Agnesi (17181799) was an Italian mathematician, philosopher, theologian and humanitarian. She was the first woman to write a mathematics handbook and the first woman appointed as a Mathematics Professor at a university.
Fellow philosophers thought she was extremely beautiful, and her family was recognized as one of the wealthiest in Milan.

 ASPECT       POINTS                      

Science           4                 

Law                 0                       

Medicine         0                                                       

Business         0                       

Philosophy      2                                        

Art                   0                       

Travel              0                       

Sports             0                        

Beauty            1                        

Family             0                        

Fame              1                        

Civic               0                                 

Career            1                        

Wealth            1                        

Leader            0                        

Humanity        1                        

 TOTAL           11