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George Price

George Robert Price (19221975) was an American population geneticist. He received a PhD in chemistry, and was an instructor at Harvard University, a science journalist, and was employed by IBM as a consultant on graphic data processing. He moved to London, where he worked in theoretical biology. He dedicated the latter part of his life to helping the homeless, often inviting homeless people to live in his house. After converting to Christianity and giving all his possessions to the poor, he committed suicide.

ASPECT       POINTS                      

Science           4           

Law                 0                    

Medicine         0                                                 

Business         0                   

Philosophy      0                                 

Art                   2           Writer

Travel              0                

Sports             0                

Beauty            1           Altruist  

Family            1           Married with 2 children

Fame              1                        

Civic                0         

Career            1                        

Wealth            0                   

Leader            0                     

Humanity        1          Teacher

 TOTAL         11          Factotum