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Edward Heron-Allen

Edward Heron-Allen (1861-1943) was a English lawyer, writer, Persian scholar, scientist, and Fellow of the Royal Society. He was an expert on palmistry, wrote several books on the subject, and went on a lecture tour of the United States. He also wrote on archaeology, Buddhist philosophy, the cultivation, gourmet appreciation of and culture of the asparagus, as well as a number of novels and short stories of science fiction and horror written under his pseudonym of "Christopher Blayre."

Heron-Allenís foraminiferal collections and associated library were bequeathed to the Natural History Museum, London.

ASPECT       POINTS                      

Science           4           Fellow of the Royal Society

Law                 4                      

Medicine         0                                                  

Business         1                       

Philosophy      2            Buddhism                           

Art                   1            Violin maker & player        

Travel              1            Turkish, Persian, lecture tour         

Sports              2            Collections         

Beauty             *                 

Family              1            Married with 2 daughters 

Fame               1                        

Civic                1             Served in WWI           

Career            1                        

Wealth            0                   

Leader            0                   

Humanity        1              Supporter of his parish     

TOTAL            20            Universalis