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Muḥammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī (780850) was a Persian mathematician, astronomer, geographer & cartographer. His systematic approach to solving linear and quadratic equations led to algebra, a word derived from the title of his book on the subject. He worked in Baghdad as a scholar at the "House of Wisdom," where he studied the sciences and mathematics, which included the translation of Greek and Sanskrit scientific manuscripts.

ASPECT       POINTS                      

Science           4                 

Law                 0                      

Medicine         0                                                   

Business         0                      

Philosophy      0                                     

Art                   *         

Travel              0                 

Sports             *                

Beauty            *             

Family             *

Fame              1                        

Civic               0            

Career            1                        

Wealth            0                    

Leader            0                     

Humanity        *            

 TOTAL          6