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1387 Fear UBI


I used to think the anti-tax but pro-UBI position was ironic, similar to "keep government’s hands off my social security," but my sense of humor is being crushed by self-interest, illogic & irrationality. A coming Universal Basic Income, UBI, is almost a certainty, assuming the economy lasts long enough to implement it. It already exists for a large part of society: 19% on welfare, 13% disabled, 12% on social security, and 22% are children. That leaves only a third of Americans who still work for a living. It would be awesome if people didn't have to work so that they could do something meaningful: join an ashram, chant their mantra, make the world to be a better place full of goodness & light. I personally don't know anybody who would work if they didn't have to, I wouldn't have at 18; I would have been down at the beach writing in a dairy about my great life while drinking margaritas someone else paid for. It was later on in life, with experience I was forced to endure, when I finally produced more than I consumed, and I liked it. I’m sure it’s similar for everyone else, if given a chance, no one would learn to work, nor learn to enjoy their work, meaning they wouldn’t have contributed to the design of the robots who presumably are going to be doing all the working in the future.

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