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1381 Life Insurance


Life insurance, unlike most insurance, is guaranteed to payout. Whether Life insurance pays more than you paid into it is another question, and in the case of Term Life, if you don’t die during the term, it’s just as worthless as any other insurance. Whole Life is the one that doesn’t go away and you can borrow from it. In modern times, where men are no longer the only breadwinner, and half the women will be single & childless by 2030, which implies half the men won’t be in relationships either, Life insurance doesn’t make sense. A person’s goal shouldn’t be to enrich others after their death as some kind of virtue signal. Life insurance does have the interesting side effect of indicating death quantity anomalies; for example, after COVID vaccines began being administered en masse, there was an unpredicted increase in the deaths of young, healthy people. Why? Suicides? Overdoses? Lockdown lethargy? There are lots of possibilities suggested by those who will admit it’s even happening but any speculation it might be directly related to The Jab will get a researcher Cancelled. The most insidious & evil excuse would be for the Life insurance companies to take advantage of the hysteria by raising rates, a situation that only life insurance agent’s look forward to.

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