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We’ve always mistrusted politicians so when so-called “fact checkers” appeared on the scene, it was appropriate, even a relief, to have somewhere to go to find the truth of the situation. Fact-checking urban myths had been a thing for some time and had been remarkably informative & entertaining. They entered the political arena with a lot of public good will, that’s why it took so long to determine that instead of being accurate & unbiased, they instead supported the political narrative of the Left. For example, during the provenly fraudulent Russian-Collision investigation, Republicans were judged liars 7 times as much as Democrats. Trump was obviously targeted with too many misrepresentations to count. In the case of fact-checkers, it’s informative to follow the money: FactCheck.org is funded by the Annenberg Foundation, a public policy institute tied to Democrats; Fact Checker is a subsidiary of the Washington Post, that paragon of Democrat talking points; and PolitiFact.com is a consortium of Left-leaning newspapers. Private, previously benign, urban legend debunkers like Snopes & TruthOrFiction have gotten into untrustworthy fact-checking, extending their werewolf siting experience into public policy. Even Wikipedia has gotten into the game; a once admirable attempt at democratizing information that has succumbed to the weakness of democracy: mob rule. It’s gotten to the point where the public trusts the fact-checkers the same as they trust politicians.

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