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A cancer has infected corporate America, ESG initiatives, supposedly to improve Environment, Social, and Government. It spread amazingly quickly and has crept into even small companies. There are many followers of the Woke religion but not enough to explain ESGs quick ascension. Journeyman hedge fund manager, Vivek Ramaswamy, says it all started with the massive hedge funds BlackRock, the largest equity investor in the world, and Vanguard, who between them control over $15 trillion in assets, 70% of the U.S.A.’s GDP. It's they who insist ESG be installed into the companies they invest in. The problem with having so much imaginary money in the world, all of it concentrated in just a few hands, is that they own everything so they control the Boards of everything, so if they want Wokeness or SJW religions, or ESG, they just say so. Worse, it’s the wives of billionaires doing it: Zuckerberg’s wife was behind the Shamlection, Job’s widow is behind BLM, Bezo’s ex-wife is behind the Washington Post, and Lori Fink, wife of BlackRock’s CEO, is the ESG propagator. It seems too conspiratorial to think the WEF ties them all together, but wouldn’t that be a deliciously simple answer to who exactly the enemy is and what they want.

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