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1325 How Did Wokeness Start?


Though higher education is often blamed for the rise in Wokeism, those students who are converted were already primed. Movies from the 1990s often used “White Supremacists” as their antagonists, always very generic with no nuance nor anything but stereotypical, clearly evil motivations. Even cartoons cast older white men in the role of badguy. We liked those shows at the time and saw nothing wrong but in retrospect, they were the harbinger. The stage was being set for Wokeness but we were blissfully unaware of being conditioned. That was the beginning of the Wokeness trope, that white males are the problem and without them, there wouldn’t be any, at least to juvenile minds, especially girls, since it was almost always men who were cast as the enemy. After a while only white characters, usually with snow white hair, were the visual representation. Those children became the Millennials, the first wave of Wokers. What is happening now for new generations to be setup to hate twenty years from now?

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