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1324 Inclusivity


Meritocracy is one of the defining features of a liberty society, where people make decisions for themselves and reap their rewards, and there will be a natural stratification of certain groups over others due to many factors. Mature, self-aware people will recognize the foundational strength of this ideology, and accept their place in it but the vast majority of people are neither mature nor self-aware; in fact, they border on narcissism, putting their feelings before facts. This has led them to a new paradigm where merit is suppressed in the name of “inclusivity.” That one multi-syllable word represents a complete overturning of existing culture, customs & traditions, not only for Americans but all the peoples throughout the world. It’s the idea that society has to ensure that whatever benefits & opportunities are there must be afforded to all its members regardless of competency or inclination. No one must be left behind or excluded due to differences, whatever they may be, instead everyone is accorded the same as everyone else and treated the same way, which is a manifestation of egalitarianism. Of course, justification of this concept is the old socialist refrain, “for the benefit of everyone,” but the reality is that it only benefits the artificially included.

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