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1323 Bigger Dog Wins


Humanity's basic instinct is that bigger dog wins. We try and suppress that in the youth so that societies can form, otherwise the strongest will always prevail in the short term at the expense of future possibilities. Luckily, stronger people were convinced, mostly through indoctrination, to surrender their strength and with further indoctrination, they even became enlightened to personal autonomy, the ideal of liberty, which for some is the pinnacle of human social achievement. All would seem good, except that an even larger number of people, a plurality even, view liberty as the opposite of the social ideal. Egalitarians are under the false premise that everyone is equal and should be treated equally but that's contrary to reality where bigger dog wins. Rather than accept this fact, egalitarians instead try to become the bigger dog themselves by usurping the power that the big dogs surrendered to live without big dogism. The circumstance may have changed but the big dogs are still winning.

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