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1322 Abortion Confusion


The fact that abortion has been determined not to be a Constitutional right hasn’t solved any of the issues surrounding it. First off, since each state, presumably, gets to make its own definition for the beginning of life; can a person under the jurisdiction of one state be held accountable to the laws of another? Secondly, abortion is a feminist issue in a gynocentric society where “father's rights” are a forbidden topic: that needs to be addressed. Half of all abortions are to black women: explain that. Women who terminate their pregnancy during the first 2 months by taking the drug, RU486, should not be called “abortion,” and the states that make abortion illegal should remove RU486 from the prescription schedule. And finally, does not being able to politically determine the definition of “woman” affect abortion? There’s also a lot of propaganda & conditioning that needs to be undone. For example, the reality is that children are amazingly resilient, and mostly unaffected by the circumstances of their birth; and contrary to the perception of “unwanted” children, the exact opposite is true, there’s a shortage of adoptable babies. Most concerning is finding out how much of the stigma against pregnancy is ecopiety virtue signaling.

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