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The NRA, the National Rifle Association, a non-profit organization, has been a political lightning rod for several decades. It was founded two centuries ago as a way to encourage marksmanship & gun safety but in modern times it’s been a political advocate for the Second Amendment, boasting 5 million members. Their power to sway legislation and keep gun-grabbers at bay has encouraged a loyal following, justifiably so, but as all good things tend to do, the power corrupted absolutely. Long time NRA CEO Waynne LaPierre, who started with a modest salary, now earns from $1 to $5 million per year. During the same time he has cut spending on firearms training and frozen pension benefits for employees. The famous Iran-Contra figure, Oliver North, was made president of the board of the NRA, and in 2019, supported by the NRA’s public relations firm, began making inquires into apparent financial mismanagement & conflict of interest allegations by LaPierre. For example, personal clothing & travel expenses of over half a million dollars. There were also $24 million in legal bills. For his concern, North was ousted. Under intense pressure, LaPierre & his cronies tried to declare bankruptcy in NY and move to TX but the ruse failed. Hopefully, honest hands will someday again assume control of the NRA.

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