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1294 Blind Leading the Deaf


Each preceding generation imagines they are leading the next generation into success. However, it’s not difficult to predict that the values of the succeeding generations won’t match with their elders, especially when life is mostly a combination of illusion & delusion. For example, like all lucky people, Boomers thought their success was skill, but the reality was that there was a gravy train going by and all they had to do was climb aboard. But Boomers were blind to that, instead offering their children platitudes involving commitment, merit & hard work, not knowing it was more about the connections & opportunity. Also, Boomers could borrow as much as they wanted because the debt was covered by the coming generations. Those were idyllic years, benefiting from unique circumstances such as globalization that will not reoccur, and are petering out. Coming generations, especially Millennials, don’t have an ever-increasing investment portfolio to comfort them. None of the predictions of their elders came true for them so they stopped listening, turning a deaf ear on encouragement & criticism alike. In retrospect, who can blame them? They got to see the promised land through the back window of the car, and turning around is impossible.

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