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1293 Sex Crimes


Values change: 12-years olds used to be adults and what’s a sex crime today was a way to advance yourself a couple centuries ago. We now find that abhorrent but there are still 12-year olds out there who are as physically & mentally mature as many adults ever get. If the goal is to let people make their own choices, those preternaturally adult children may decide that the sex trade is their best opportunity. That seems obscene to those of us who only have contact with people who remain stubbornly juvenile into their twenties but that’s because today’s parenting and societal coddling allows it. Since we’re products of Western conditioning, those who are not robustly traveled would be appalled at what’s acceptable in other parts of the world: children acting in decidedly unchildish ways, and women forced into sex. We are immediately tempted to “save” them but that’s another manifestation of our West-induced Savior complex. We wonder why there aren’t laws to prevent such exploitation, and why the perpetrators aren’t arrested and prosecuted? The fact is, these activities are so widespread, and so prevalent in those societies, that a large portion of the population would be considered criminals. Since sex is a transitory physical act, if the psyche of those involved doesn’t make it psychologically damaging, it isn’t. A sex crime is only a crime if everybody thinks it is.

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