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1292 Russian Brides


Many American men who desire a traditional family, one with a submissive wife who wants to stay home and raise children, are encouraged to go abroad to find such a woman, particularly to Asia & the Philippines. There they find a pre-Woke culture that produces a female archetype more familiar in the last century in the West. Concernedly, these aspiring husbands are warned not to bring their new wife back home but instead stay in her country where she has family and it’s cheaper to live, plus the danger that she will be negatively influenced by feminist culture in the West, perhaps becoming one herself and ruining the whole strategy. Unfortunately, there is another significant downside if the groom intends to return to the U.S., and most of these “mail order brides” companies require a return, particularly Russian brides. What results is so cynical and exploitative, and so common, that it has become an epidemic: the Russian or Eastern European brides get married to a lonely, socially-awkward American guy, come to the States, have a child, claim domestic violence then use the American legal system to put the man into an economic servitude via alimony & child support. The guys who are the targets of this scam are perfect marks, some of the most pitiful even dream of getting back together with their conniving spouse who’ve already moved on to American men they’re really attracted to.

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