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1291 The Advantage of Transgenders


One of the big complaints of Millennial women, the straight ones anyway, is that there aren't any men that are good husband material. The reasons are cultural, Wokeness in particular winnows the dating pool of masculine men, but culture is also a potential solution: transgender men are the perfect match for Woke women. It’s surprising this obvious observation hasn’t entered the mainstream yet, especially considering the fact that 20% of Generation Z report being the wrong sexuality or gender. Unfortunately, the transgender situation also includes the recalcitrant issue of biological men not wanting to have sex with transgender women: no matter how much they’re shamed, they’re just not interested in what is essentially homosexuality. This isn’t as big a problem for young transgenders who date each other so sexuality doesn’t change anything, while also allowing for transitory transgenderism that is simply going through a phase. There’s also the oddity, perhaps intentional, of a female transgender in a “lesbian” relationship. That’s a case where nothing changes: not appearance, not perception, and their sexuality remains the same. This seems the ideal subterfuge to avoid getting drafted.

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