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1290 Traditional Wives


You guys that got traditional wives, ones that wanted to be your ally & raise your children; you guys are soooo lucky; count your blessings. Consider all the guys out there looking for that but can’t find anything even though they’re willing to commit it all. There just aren’t enough traditional women to go around for the traditional men. Even when a woman is raised traditionally, once they are exposed to feminism, they’re ruined. Feminist women want partners whereas traditional women want leaders & providers in their husbands. Traditional men, which are by far the majority of men, don’t want partners either, they want loyal acolytes & supporters. There’s also the problem of modern divorce. As feminism emerged, so did the idea of no-fault divorce and community property. Even if a woman is what would be considered traditional, in many states the allure of getting half the family assets, monthly alimony & child support, custody & the house, without having to be subject to the husband who provides those things, is simply too much to resist. Now in divorce, the man still has to provide his side but the woman no longer has to live up to her obligations in the marriage. Considering that many, if not most, marriages are ones of convenience & momentum, especially in such a narcissistic society, why would a woman, traditional or not, not get a divorce?

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