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1289 Polygamy


The institution of marriage has declined dramatically for socio-economic reasons that can’t be stopped nor the clock turned back. Old ideas and expectations are no longer appropriate so if marriage is going to continue, the implementations around it have to change. First, there has to be a recognition that perhaps half of the population will never get married. In the case of men, the obvious solution is OnlyFans-type situations where dozens of men consider the woman on their computer screen exposing herself and asking for money is their girlfriend. Guys who do this often sponsor more than one “model,” imagining they have a harem. The lack of self-awareness is epic but the relationship seems workable. The flip side of this that appeals to the hypergamous nature of women is allowing nontraditional forms of committed relationships, specifically polygamy. Data shows that 80% of women are only attracted to 5% of so-called “high value males,” and settling for anything less is not an option. If the men in these situations were allowed, even encouraged, to accept multiple wives, it would do a lot to fulfill the demand of uncompromising women. Polygamy has been practiced for thousands of years, it’s still practiced in some societies, so there’s lots of information on how to manage it. Of course, modern divorce laws would also have to be changed.

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