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1288 Marriage Compatibility Test


To help identify couples who have the best chance of matching due to shared interests, personal views, preferences & philosophy, there’s the Marriage Compatibility test. 1. What is your relationship? Intelligent, Organized, Fun-loving, Passionate. 2. How do you spend your leisure time? We spend that time together, We have both shared and individual interests, We have our individual interests, We spend it with other people. 3. How often do you talk about your future together? Often, A few times; Rarely. 4. Do you agree on family finances? Always, Most of the time, Not so much, We are polar opposites. 5. Do you get along with each other’s friends? Really well, We don’t hang out very much, Not really, Never met. 6. Do you visit family on the holidays? We invite both families over, One in the morning the other in the evening, Our families don’t really get along, We don’t bother visiting either of our families. 7. How do you decide on a restaurant? We love the same restaurants, We pick a restaurant at random, We alternate who gets to choose the restaurant, We eat fast food. 8. Do your religious views come together? Yes, We respect the other’s religion, We practice different religions and often disagree. 9. Do your political views align with those of your partner? Yes, Mostly, No. And the big question: 10. Do you agree on the subject of kids?

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