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1272 Respect Isn’t Optional


Life is not fair and it’s not equal: some people simply have significant advantages over other people, and could easily take everything if they didn’t voluntarily share. Unfortunately, egalitarians erroneously think that sharing is inherently human, and those that don’t share are sociopaths, but that’s more religion than fact. Society is primarily people who work with other people for progress & security, and intelligent people share so that they can have an even better life. In reality, people would fully exercise their advantages in some things if not for another party agreeing not to exploit their own advantage in others: that’s a civil society; and it's greased by courtesy & respect for your neighbor's talents & threats. In this important sense, it’s men who make these trade-offs because they’re the ones who traditionally have limited their violence for the good of the tribe. Women were never a party to this agreement: they’re under the impression that courtesy is mandatory and respect is optional. They indoctrinate children with flawed concepts, of which democracy is the most dangerous: two weaklings can’t tell a strong man what to do without his consent, which he certainly won’t give without receiving respect in return.

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