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1270 Feminism Causes Mental Illness


Mental illness is now the defining aspect of our society: a quarter of all women have taken psych drugs plus the ones that aren’t diagnosed yet, and depression among women is the #1 cause of illness & disability. Either a plurality of women have been mentally ill throughout history or it’s a new phenomenon? If of recent origin, what has changed for women that would drive them nuts? The obvious answer is feminism, that boils down to women wanting to be like men, but that comes with the pressures that men endure, which are considerable. It’s said men lead lives of quiet desperation but they’re prepared for it biologically & socially, women aren’t. Women have always been protected from mental stress by the Patriarchy which feminism has eroded so much that it is no longer a barrier. Unless women want to continue in their mental anguish, they would have to reinvigorate the Patriarchy but they won’t do that: no group ever gives up control voluntarily. Instead, using their democratic majority, they will try to enact laws to relieve the pressures they feel but the world is a hard place, half-measures won’t be enough, the end result will end up being full totalitarianism where women force men to take care of them. It won’t cure the mental illness but it’s where we’re going.

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