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1269 White Women are the Enemy


Liberty is under extreme threat: fingers are pointed everywhere with lots of plausible sounding explanations but the one common factor, obvious if you’re looking for it, is that the forces against us are primarily women, specifically White women, under the guise of feminism, which are a voting majority in much of the country. In the best interpretation of how they’re acting, it’s from naivete and lack of self-awareness, but from the venom of their rhetoric, it’s most probably evil intentioned: women want men to fail, and if society has to go down with them then sobeit. Most men are still traditional, and they do have allies: Asians of both sexes are on their side, Hispanics tend their way, and Black men are indistinguishable from White men when it comes to men's issues. Many Black women viciously claw after what they want but they aren't self-loathing nor perverse like White women. This analysis is racist & sexist & cynical just like the enemy is racist, sexist & cynical… And they’re White women.

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