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1266 Momma’s Boys


Testosterone production has a strong social component; that’s why Momma’s Boys are usually pussies: no hair on their faces & chests, lack of musculature, and their features remain soft. They don’t take risks nor assume leadership roles, and are subservient, doing what their mommas want like their sisters do. The feminization of boys has always been an issue but with the rise of single-motherhood & gynocentricity, it has reached epidemic levels, partly because women want it that way. The idea of “toxic masculinity,” meaning traditional masculinity, is anathema to maturing men but a major component of Wokeness. In fact, 20% of Gen-Zers think they’re a different biologic sex, and 80% of those are boys that think they’re girls. At puberty boys start producing cortisol when they’re bullied by the Male Dominance Hierarchy. That in combination with adrenaline would normally trigger testosterone production but if their mommas protect them from that stress, they stay boys into their early-20s. They never learn to think for themselves but instead require approval from their mom, and never mature mentally into men that would attract a mate because women don’t want Momma’s Boys.

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