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1265 Bullying


Traditional male-style bullying has been demonized, nearly criminalized in the West, by women with no regard to the damage that causes society because they have no idea what it is? Mother’s think their boys are being picked on by the larger kids, and that’s the end of their analysis, but bullying is part of the transition of boys into men: it’s essential for testosterone production, and the masculinity that comes from that. Women don’t understand how lack of bullying at puberty creates wusses. In fact, most people don’t understand the connection because they don’t want to, especially in a gynocentric society. Puberty is the time when boys can physically start creating testosterone but it needs to be triggered by stress. Stress in the medical sense, meaning cortisol production which coincidences with adrenaline production which triggers testosterone production. In the past this stress could come from hunting, and in modern times it can come from physical sports, but for most boys, it comes from bullying, which any man knows is highly stressful: fear & anxiety produce adrenaline. It starts young, shepherding physical maturity until the bullied become the bullies; not the stereotypical comic book ruffian, but the induction into manhood-guidance kind, but the threat does have to be there to induce stress. Worse, without bullying, boys don’t learn how to respond to bullying, which is going to happen eventually, and men bullying men who don’t know how to defend themselves always turns out badly.

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