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1260 Genocide


The word "genocide” generates a visceral reaction in people. That aversion to the concept is intentionally taught because, frankly, genocide, mass indiscriminate killing, works, and is too easy to implement. Many of history’s most troublesome people problems were solved by simply mass eliminating the people. Occupying armies killed everyone in a village if there was an act of rebellion by even one member. History is full of holdouts, disliked populations, whole regions defying authority, and when enough of them were killed, sometimes all, they gave up. This reluctance to use genocide is a modern day phenomenon, only 70 years ago we did it: 2 nukes to stop imperial Japan, and Germany's civilian population was intentionally fire-bombed. We're too civilized to even consider those measures today so the threat is no longer palpable, but if we banish it from possibility then we give the enemy a big advantage. That’s not acceptable, so the West plays poker with the world after hiding the genocide aces under the table & pretending they don't exist, mostly in secret labs and submarines.

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