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1238 Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia has only been a nation since 1932, and is the source of Wahhabism, the impetus behind jihadism. They were never held accountable in any way for being the country most responsible for orchestrating & financing 9-11. Why? Because the Saudis have the money to buy the best PR and Bush Jr., the American president at the time, considered the royal family his personal friends. 40% of Saudi Arabia’s inhabitants are migrants who can’t vote. Since 2015, the first time women could vote, there hasn’t been any more elections. Saudi Arabia borders Yemen. In 2014, an ethnic faction, the Houthis, deposed the president. Saudi Arabia got involved even though the conflict was internal to Yemen, and began an air campaign & naval blockade, contributing 100 warplanes and 150,000 soldiers to a war which killed over 130,000 people. In a show of allegiance, the U.S. designated the Houthis as a “foreign terrorist organization.” This led to Yemen being termed a "humanitarian catastrophe" by Amnesty International. Even with all of this, the Saudi forces were roundly defeated, even including the destruction of 4 Abrams tanks and the abandonment of more, after which in 2022, the Saudis withdrew. Saudi Arabia has recently reaffirmed its commitment to Russia despite the Ukrainian invasion.

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