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1237 Russian Sanctions


Russia is Europe’s energy supplier. In a vain & misconceived attempt to punish Russia for invading Ukraine, the EU decided to sanction it economically. In their hubris, they thought the weak Russian economy would crumble in a couple months, and even serve to bring down Vladimir Putin. But rather than that happening, instead the EU itself began suffering the ramifications, especially in the energy sector: no Russian natural gas, no Russian oil & no fertilizer from Belarus, the world’s largest producer. Germany was particularly impacted, losing the source of 80% of their fossil fuel energy. When Europe finally decided to allow this vital resource, Russia required they pay in rubles because the sanctions wouldn’t allow payment in any other currency, essentially giving away the products for free. The outraged Europeans hypocritically claimed the Russians were engaging in economic warfare. If that wasn’t delusional enough, they continued to predict Russian’s capitulation due to the economic warfare against them. The fact is, Russia was totally ready for the Ukrainian invasion, having prepared since 2014 when the duly-elected Russian-friendly president was toppled, instigated by the U.S. In reality, Russia was made a much more dangerous enemy with sanctions: they have no more to lose economically, their people coalesce around the adversity, and they became self-sufficient & immune to Western pressure.

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