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For 4 decades, the Soviet Union was America’s main rival, so when it collapsed in 1990, rather than help them recover economically like they did for Europe after WW2, the U.N. proposed a plan to give an equal share of Russia’s net worth to everybody who lived there. Sounds egalitarian but practically starving people sold their share to whoever was buying, and organized crime were the only survivors of the collapse: that’s where the oligarchs came from. Afterwards, Russia was much worse off than it was under Communism so a democratically elected strongman like Putin, who promised to reign in the oligarchs, came into power. International relations settled and the world seemed like it was going to be a somewhat peaceful place for awhile. However, Russia never really lost its bogeyman status, and when candidate Trump stated his intention to normalize relations with them, the Deep State went into full panic, even casting president Trump as a Russian agent with completely phony evidence that was promoted by the MSM, DOJ & Democrat-controlled investigations, so-much-so that the majority of Democrats today don’t know that it was all a hoax. Russia went from being America’s erstwhile friend to the New World Order’s most-hated enemy. This was obviously intentional because Russia was not succumbing to the new social order of Wokeness, and everything that goes along with it, not the least of which is the West’s own rising oligarchs. What is truly ironic is that Russia in now more of a defender of traditional American values than America is.

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