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1235 Ukraine Hoaxes


The West’s media coverage of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was hoaxes from beginning to end. It started with the Snake Island soldiers fighting to the death - not; a beautiful Amazon fighter pic which is a fashion model holding an Airsoft; The “Ghost of Kyiv” fighter Ace was fictional; and the young girl’s note is from 2017 in Israel. The fact that American media repeated all of these hoaxes gleefully without question means we’ve learned nothing from Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan & a list of other contrived conflicts. The people who propagate these lies sound stupid, their arguments are stupid, and their outrage is stupid. A voters map of Ukraine shows the reality of public opinion: eastern Ukraine is Russian-speaking Russian ex-pats who were being discriminated against by the Ukrainian government in the East. The obvious solution would have been for Ukraine to negotiate with the separatists, ending up with a West Ukraine and an East Ukraine but closer to each other than the East becoming part of Russia. In fact, Ukraine had negotiated that kind of deal early in the war but NATO wants Russia weakened so that it can be forced into the Globalist world order, so bribed Ukraine to continue the conflict. The fact is, the West, specifically the United States operating through its NATO catspaw, caused Russia to invade Ukraine, and rather than surrender for the sake of everyday Ukrainians, instead insisted on fighting to the bitter end, thereby losing all the most important parts of the country: the wheat harvest, the natural gas fields, the industrial heartland & the seaports, leaving nothing but the hoaxes.

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