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1234 Ukraine Invasion


The U.S. predicted Russia would invade Ukraine but the reason they knew was never explained. Imagine Mexico's democratically-elected president wanted closer ties with America but a Russian-backed faction overthrew him and tried to form closer ties with Russia: how would America respond? Well, that’s how Russia responded in the opposite circumstances. Ukraine’s Russian-sympathizing western provinces didn’t like the coup & tried to break-away. Since 2014 they had been getting shelled daily by Nazi-sympathizing Ukraine forces; over 6 million refugees had already fled the area. In February 2022, the Ukrainian military was massing on the border of the region and was imminently going to go on the offensive against what they considered a rebellion so Russia invaded first to protect what they considered their people, which is opposite the false narrative that the Ukrainians were simply responding to Russian troop movements. Then, as Russian forces occupied a city, militia battalions of technically Ukrainian-nationality but Russian-patriots would quickly assemble and continue the march west. Russia actually became more powerful as the war dragged on. There was simply no hope for Ukraine, and the time for a ceasefire passed. Worse, the extremely biased, censored and completely propagandized war reporting has not relayed any of these stark facts to the world at large. If only words were as effective as artillery?

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