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1233 Canada Tyranny


It’s easy to see that Canada is where America is going, politics-wise, economic-wise & else-wise: a cynical dictatorship that relies on the tyranny of democracy to crush liberty. For example, their Bill C-25 imposes “diversity” on all corporations with financial penalties for those that don’t comply, including teams of “inspectors” to surveil them from within. Like the old Soviet Union, they encourage internal spying to report equity, speech & inclusion violations. Paralegal bodies known as “Human Rights Tribunals” are the judges with the power to shut down business, impose prison time, and compel “re-education” of offenders. There’s also Bill S-202 which amends the Criminal Code to outlaw “Conversion Therapy,” criminalizing parents, lawyers, physicians & church leaders who object to state-compelled hormone-drugging & genital mutilation procedures. There’s more: Bill C-76 imposes restrictions on third-party speech during extended election periods, and there’s a proposal requiring all news creators to procure a license for approved content. Canada has no term limit on the office of prime minister so Justin Trudeau may be in power for years to come. The only opposition, The People’s Party of Canada, was wiped out at the polls. How did this happen to our once freedom-loving northern neighbor? Democracy happened: Canada has an even higher plurality of feminists, minorities & weirdos than the U.S., and their media is even more censored; plus emigration from the U.S. by people with the worst of those attributes. However, the bright spot is that Climate Change will be awesome for Canada.

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