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1230 State-Sponsored Terrorism


According to government experts, states can sponsor terrorist groups in several ways, including but not limited to: funding terrorist organizations, providing training, supplying weapons, providing other logistical & intelligence assistance, and hosting groups within their borders. This definition easily describes the United States’ current relationship in Ukraine & Syria, and in the past with Cuba and a host of others before that. Hypocrisy aside, Iran has been deemed to provide state-sponsored terrorism, and now the U.S. also suggests Russia should be labeled as such. Apparently, any nation that engages in covert or overt operations for their own best interests are sponsoring terrorism, except America of course. What’s ironic is that most acts of what normal people consider terrorism, like the 9/11 attacks that changed the world, even though they were financed and planned by Saudi Arabia, it was not considered the sponsoring state. Instead, Iraq & Afghanistan were the nations chosen for that label, neither of which had anything to do with it, and Obama Bin Laden was assassinated while being protected by the Pakistan military. “Terrorism” is one of those words that carry a visceral meaning that people are repelled by, and anyone or any place designated as one are reviled and can be unquestioningly dealt with. That’s what has prompted the overuse of the term to the point of irrelevance, even if it really is state-sponsored.

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