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1207 Organic Conspiracy


The Patriarchy is surely losing to the Matriarchy but anyone who says so is called a conspiracy theorist, claiming that there’s no organized battle, and never admitting the sublime effort going on everywhere behind the scenes. Over the past few decades, FMWs, feminists, minorities & weirdos got into strategic positions in business & society via Affirmative Action, preferential hiring & “diversity,” and then social media came along which enabled them to coalesce in the background. They’re also very cynical, a side-effect of their special treatment, knowing they didn’t achieve their positions through merit, so they have more allegiance to what got them there than they are to their place of employment, their country, or even their families. FMWs don’t have a central authority: not the Democrat party, not the media, not the court system nor schools, but they control all of those things like cells in a clandestine revolution, each working independently of each other but all recognizing what's happening and pushing towards their goal. It’s an organic conspiracy, a good example of emergent order. The fact that no one is pushing back supports this conclusion because men are accustomed to being subservient to women at home and in society at large. The “privilege” that the Matriarchy claim men have is only one of projection; it’s they who really have most of the privileges, and now they want them all.

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