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1205 Food Supply


It’s impossible to know exactly when The Collapse will occur but a decreasing selection of competing products will be the first sign that there's a problem, along with a complete lack of the more exotic ones or specialty items. Interstate transportation will be disrupted: a solo truckdriver going cross country won't be possible, trucks will need to travel in armed convoys, and if law & order cannot be established along the entire route then even that won't be possible. Luckily, many people have already shifted to eating locally grown food but growing things takes time and several seasons to increase the supply of fresh food enough to match the demand. Fresh meat will become especially expensive because it will be in such short supply which the people who caused The Collapse will revel in. There will be plenty of something to eat: dried & canned goods, probably even canned meats. In reality, unless there’s a complete breakdown, which seems highly unlikely, there will be plenty of food of some kind or another at a reasonable price. The old Soviet Union is a good example of a Marxist supply chain: the people didn’t go hungry, they just had to wait for hours in line to buy a small selection of items. Unless the people who caused The Collapse get full control, it won’t be that bad.

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