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1204 National Guard During The Collapse


Rather than civil war caused by differing ideologies, it's more likely the U.S. will collapse due to economics. People have been predicting this will occur for decades now, and the hysteria has really built up since the Lockdown, so it’s fun to speculate what will happen when it does. By looking around the neighborhood and knowing that many of the houses you see have guns, it’s likely the first thing people would do is form little local militias. That will pretty much insure safety in rural areas and the suburbs: families being protected by their family members and neighbors. However, the National Guard will need to be called out for the cities. It will take a while for citizen-soldiers to muster, be equipped and given orders, but within the first month, they’ll be the ones taking over from the militias to protect neighborhoods, mostly from people fleeing the cities, and it will be them that sets up temporary camps for the refugees. The National Guard protects other families like they want their own families to be protected so things will soon become calm & secure, and life will slowly return to normal. After 6 months, the DHS will take over management of the camps and the National Guard will go home, except perhaps from the cities.

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