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1202 Prepping is Worthless


“Prepping,” the idea that someone can prepare for coming hard times & lawlessness by stockpiling food & ammunition, comes from the realm of entertainment: books, movies, etc. that idolize those with foresight & self-reliance; not to mention the sense of superiority that comes from thinking they’re going to live while everyone else dies. Some preppers advocate escaping into the mountains with a bug-out bag, but most simply have large pantries and raise gardens. There is a sense of security that comes from these things but in the end, the preparation will be worthless if you consider the likely scenario. It won't take full-blown collapse, just the homeless roaming around would be a threat. They'll walk right into your garden and take what they want, they're used to that already, or they'll knock on your door asking for food; so will some of your neighbors. What are you going to do, shoot them? You're going to have to be secretive about what you have because there will be community meetings where they insist everyone has to share. The equality folks, egalitarians who think their feelings supersede your selfishness, will really be pushing that, and they control most of the levers of power: Blue states will probably even send jackboots to take your stuff for the good of everyone. You’re just prepping for someone else.

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