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1201 End of Times


The End of Times is upon us, at least our times. It will take a while before entrepreneurship becomes impossible, forcing more & more people onto Welfare or choosing Basic Income, until finally consumption exceeds production and all of society comes tumbling down. However, many of us were indoctrinated with a belief in liberty & self-reliance so there's at least 20% of the population that aren't complete incompetents, and could possibly bring society back. Plus, all this coming to a boil can actually be a good thing if we can also shuck off the smear merchants, race hustlers & communists. It would also be a good time to reign in predatory businesses like banking, broadband & pharmaceuticals. The change in comfort, convenience & expectations will lead to massive social upheaval, primarily against feminism, which is the ultimate cause of the whole situation since it advocates the dismantling of the Patriarchy, defined as the Western values of integrity, conscientiousness, honesty, meritocracy & work ethic. There will be a return to traditional family values because the opposition will disappear due to a lack of procreation because they think they’re saving the climate. The End of Times will be the beginning of old times.

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