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1199 Malevolence vs. Passivity


There's a large portion of the population that hates America for the same reasons people hate anything: envy, resentment & a feeling of inadequacy; and it expresses itself as malevolence. This isn't a new phenomena, it's human nature; the difference now is democracy lets these dangerous individuals act as a group to enact their spite, perversity & sadism. And none of that is surprising either, democracy’s greatest weakness is tyranny of the majority: what’s surprising is the passivity of men in the face of this development. Men, apparently, choose not to believe what's happening, or simply capitulate rather than risk their complacency. Perhaps since women, feminists especially, are by-in-large propagators of the malevolence, consciously or not, and men, by their nature, subjugate themselves to their wives, that’s why there’s been no pushback, or it may even be that most men are content to let it happen because they too harbor envy, resentment & a sense of inadequacy, and want to experience the spite, perversity & sadism for themselves.

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