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1183 Gun Restrictions


One of the more insidious strategies of gun-grabbers is to force gun owners to buy gun insurance. The first question is: how would insurance reduce whatever it is the gun-grabbers want to reduce? It doesn’t, of course, it just discourages gun ownership, or more likely, makes the vast majority of gun owners into criminals who can be prosecuted arbitrarily. Then there’s gun purchase age requirements: why 21? Why not 25 or even 100? What if there were a law that prevented Freedom of Speech until 21? Or 25? Or 100? Gun-grabbers point to cigarette age restrictions but smoking isn’t a constitutionally guaranteed right, and kids still smoke & drink anyway. Then there’s the gun-grabbing strategy of making guns a public health issue under the control of the CDC? Should the CDC be dictating the rules for guns? Or automobiles? Or sports? Or bathtubs? A strategy against proposed gun-grabber legislation would be to take the text of their new law, change only enough wording to turn the penalties & responsibilities back onto them, then introduce it simultaneously. For example, isn’t a gun already insurance? Shouldn’t people who don’t own guns have to buy cash insurance to match it? And with age requirements: if someone isn’t mature enough to own a gun until they’re 21, shouldn’t they be prohibited from joining the military or voting until that age? Gun restrictions are simply to get people used to the idea of gun confiscation.

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