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1181 JFK


John F. Kennedy, JFK, was considered the ideal president in the last century. He was the youngest president too, and photogenic, which contributed to the fairytale quality of his administration, so-much-so that it was called “Camelot.” But he was also at the center of the Cuban Missile Crisis, 13 days in 1962: if that Russian submarine commander with the nuclear missile onboard had contacted his chain-of-command instead of surfacing, it could have been the end of everything. Then there was JFK’s Russian-sympathizer assassin, possibly orchestrated by the mob. All of that is certainly noteworthy enough to secure JFK’s place in history, but not his place in the Democrat party. Consider the time: JFK was liberty-centric & anti-Communist. The 4 collectivist programs he supported: military, judiciary, Welfare & Social security, was as far left as the old Dems used to go. Compared to Republicans and most Democrats of the time, he was downright revolutionary but today he would be considered a RINO. JFK wouldn’t be accepted by today’s Cultural Marxists. In fact, he almost blew the world up to stop the Commies, who the Democrats now aspire to be.

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